SEL Teen Literacy Library Emoti-Cards (60 cards)

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SEL Teen Literacy Library: Topic-Based Books Help Teens Master Social and Emotional Skills

ISBN: 9781680217353 | Grade: Teen and YA | Approx. Grade-Level Equivalent: 1.7 to 2.5 | Lexile: HL210L to HL290L

Nonfiction and Fiction with a Focus on Emotion Vocabulary 

The SEL Teen Literacy Library is a unique solution that uses nonfiction and fiction to help teens think about and discuss topics critical to successful social interactions and emotional health. With the increase in digital forms of communication and the increased pressures of today’s world, schools are facing new challenges in supporting students and helping them learn social and emotional skills. Organized around 12 critical SEL topics that cover both self-awareness and social awareness, this collection of hi-lo books is the perfect addition to any middle or high school classroom or library.

Because recognizing emotions in others is so critical to social awareness and success in everyday social interactions, the SEL Teen Literacy Library includes unique Emoti-Cards that call out facial features of each emotion featured in the books. Featuring diverse male and female faces, the cards include the most obvious facial cues students can use to “read” people’s emotions accurately. The 60 full-color cards feature an image and callouts on one side and the emotion word on the other side. Together with the emotion vocabulary cards, these Emoti-Cards provide a unique way to help students become more adept at identifying emotions in social situations

Key Features:

  • Full-color images on one side with facial cue callouts
  • Words on the other side
  • Incorporated into the vocabulary activities in the Teacher’s Guide
  • Great for individual and partner vocabulary practice
  • Diverse Teen Faces with both males and females
  • Square-shaped for ease of holding
  • 60 Emotions to easily matched to the photo vocabulary cards

*Instructional Support not sold separately from Library Boxed Set.

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