Saddleback is always looking for fresh, new talent. BEFORE sending a submission, please note that we primarily publish books for kids ages 12–18. Please DO NOT send K–3 elementary submissions to us! We publish all genres and subjects, but focus mainly on original fiction. It is important to us to publish books that show characters of all races, backgrounds, sexual orientation, etc. We look for diversity for our characters and content.

When submitting content to Saddleback, please be aware of the types and levels of books we currently publish. This will help you determine if your submission is in line with our style of publishing. Please follow the following instructions and be aware of the comments:

· Do not send fax submissions

· We will not respond to every submission. Because of the number of submissions that we receive, we will only respond to you if we are interested.

· Mail or email your typed submission along with a query letter describing your work simply and where you think it fits in with our current publishing line. Any information regarding target demographic, genre etc is helpful.

· Please do not call/fax/email requesting status on your submission. If interested, you will generally hear from us within two months.

· Mail your submission to:

Saddleback Educational, Inc.
PO Box 3239
Newport Beach, CA 92659

· Emailed submissions can be sent to: