Tween and Teen Welcome Newcomers Libraries

TWEEN AND TEEN WELCOME NEWCOMERS LIBRARIES—Topic-Based Books to Help New Immigrants Thrive

Engaging Nonfiction and Fiction Featuring Survival Vocabulary 

The GO! Welcome Newcomers and Welcome Newcomers libraries are a unique instructional solution that introduces life in the United States to immigrant tweens and teens. As these students learn English and adapt to living in a new country, they must learn to fit in socially and academically. Developed around 14 topics that are critical to success in American schools and communities, both newcomers libraries give recent immigrants relevant information supported by full-color photographs of diverse tweens and teens in real-world settings. The program includes nonfiction and fiction books, survival vocabulary cards, lesson plans, reproducible activities, and assessments. Each topic is covered by a pair of books, one nonfiction and one fiction. The 64-page nonfiction and 48-page fiction books feature easy-to-read text and engaging photographs. GO! Welcome Newcomers and Welcome Newcomers place special emphasis on building vocabulary, because research indicates the importance of vocabulary acquisition for students learning English. Survival words related to each topic are highlighted in the books, with definitions provided in text boxes on the page for easy reference. These same words are featured on the full-color vocabulary cards included in the box. Featuring diverse characters in contemporary settings, the books resonate