The Story of America Complete Library: Through 2022

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The Story of America: American History with Deep Focus on Historical Perspectives

Print ISBN: 9781638891741 | Grade: 6 to 12 | Reading Level: 3.0 to 4.5 | Lexile: HL380L to HL700L

The Story of America is a unique collection of history books designed for striving readers in middle school and high school. Nonfiction handbooks are accompanied by historical fiction books with their own nonfiction backstory sections. This collection was created with much thought and consideration for the diverse peoples, cultures, and groups that built our history. The intention of this library is to share some of the stories and voices of those who helped create our nation, from its early days to current times. Seeking to provide opportunities for students to read about and learn from diverse points of view, we have focused intently on exploring a variety of perspectives throughout history.

The Story of America library is organized into two time periods. The first box set covers the very early days in the land that would become the United States through the end of the Civil War, and the second box set spans Reconstruction through 2022. For each time period, there are six nonfiction handbooks. These highlight key events during a specific span of time while weaving in both well-known and historically underrepresented perspectives. Five historical fiction books accompany each nonfiction handbook. Each fiction book explores a moment in history from the point of view of someone who lived through it. Following the fictional account, a nonfiction section is provided to help readers understand


  • Nonfiction handbooks and historical fiction books written at accessible reading levels
  • A deep focus on historical perspectives, providing readers an opportunity to learn about the past through the lens of historically underrepresented viewpoints, including Native American, Black, and female perspectives
  • Graphic elements, including timelines and both historical and present-day maps to show where and when events took place
  • Mature, engaging historical fiction books pull readers into moments from the past
  • Historical fiction books include a full-color nonfiction section to explain what was happening at that time in history


Boxed Set 1: Though 1866 and Box 2: 1866–2022

  • 6 Nonfiction Handbooks
  • 30 Historical Fiction Books
  • 3 Informational Card Sets (Vocabulary, Timeline, People)

Boxed Set 2: 1866–2022

72 Books (1 each of 72 titles)

  • 6 Nonfiction Handbooks
  • 30 Historical Fiction Books
  • 3 Informational Card Sets (Vocabulary, Timeline, People)




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The Story of America Complete Library: Though 2022 (12 Nonfiction Handbooks, 60 Fiction Books, 6 Card Boxes) | Hi-Lo Booksª | Educational Books

The Story of America Complete Library: Through 2022

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