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Series Name: Monarch Jungle

Kevin Sanders is an online celebrity. He's known for his hilarious pranks. Millions subscribe to his YouTube channel. He also has millions of Instagram followers. Companies pay Kevin a lot of money to promote their products. It's made Kevin and his parents wealthy. But it also leaves little time for a personal life. Kevin's girlfriend helps by reminding him that he's more that his online status. And his best friend reminds him that being Instafamous may not be worth any amount of money.

This series of books was designed specifically for struggling teen readers. The contemporary fiction is written at accessible levels and provides substantive content without being edgy. The relatable plots appeal to teens, especially those who are reluctant to read. Books in the series quickly grab their interest with fast-paced storylines that feature realistic, sometimes larger-than-life teen characters readers can identify with or would like to know. Then there is an unexpected twist. The characters' lives are suddenly on the edge of fame, fear, or even sanity. What starts out as fun or routine becomes a nightmare, real or imagined. As characters are tested in mind, body, and spirit, readers have a sense of being there to experience the adventure.

ISBN: 9781680214772

Format: Paperback

Grade Level: Teen and YA

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 1.0 to 2.0

Lexile Level: HL190L

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