Hamlet Reading Guide: Shakespeare Made Easy (Digital Download)

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Series Name: Shakespeare Made Easy: Reproducible Activities

Shakespeare Made Easy Activity Guides are designed by teachers for teachers to help students navigate this journey. Each guide is broken into six sections of four activities and one review. At the end of each guide is a final test, a variety of culminating activities, and an answer key. The activities are meant to aid textual comprehension, provide creative opportunities for the reader to make personal connections with the text.

On a dark winter's night, the ghost of King Hamlet visits his son and demands revenge for his mother. The young prince Hamlet plans his vengeance but becomes entangled in a web of deceit and insanity. A love so deep and a murder most foul incite a madness that threatens to leave a bloody mark on Denmark. William Shakespeare's powerful tale of revenge and twisted desire is one of the most influential works ever

ISBN-13: 9781602914209

Format: Digital Download

Grade Level: 9 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 9.0 to 11.0

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