The Midwife's Apprentice: Focus on Reading Guide (Digital Download)

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Series Name: Focus on Reading: Reproducible Reading Guides

The eBook is an electronic version of a Saddleback book that you can download to your computer and manipulate to fit your instructional needs. You will have the freedom to: cut and paste any portion of the text into your own document, to extract and post pages and activities on your class website, to e-mail parents and your students individual pages form the eBook, to project the eBook contents on a whiteboard, and more!

Contents Include: Teacher and student support materials, reproducible student activity sheets, an end-of-book test, and an answer key.

Each reading guide divides the novel into six manageable units. Focuses reading with guiding "Questions to Think About". Build vocabulary with pre-reading and during-reading activities.

"I am Alyce. Not Brat or Dung Beetle or Beetle Alyce."
One frosty evening, a girl who knows no home, no parents, & no name but Brat finds shelter & warmth in a farmer's dung heap. There Jane the village midwife finds her. So it is that Brat--now called Beetle by her new mistress--begins her career as a midwife's apprentice.


Format: Digital Download

Grade Level: 6 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 6.0

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