The Message Sample Set

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Series Name: The Message: Low Level Mystery and Suspense

Theme: Hi-Lo, Murder, drugs, paranormal

Sample Set: 3 books ( 1 each of 3 titles). Titles Include: The Dream, Dark Waters, The Hunted

Introduce emergent teen readers to the concept of a series, where each book leaves you wanting more. Incorporating vivid graphic elements, this three-book series will attract students interested in reading edgier material. Each 64-page book is approximately 2,500 words.

Dack kept having strange dreams. Dreams about Tim. Water. The number 1-1-5-5. What did it all mean? And where was Tim? He had disappeared weeks ago. Why did Dack's dreams lead him to the Miller's lake house? He was not prepared for what he found there ...

ISBN-13: 9781680211481

Format: Paperback

Grade Level: 9 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 1.0 to 2.0

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