Shake It: Cheer Drama / Got Pride: Baller Swag

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Series Name: Lockwood Lions: Urban Teen Fiction Flip Book by Stephanie Perry Moore

Theme: Hi-Lo, Purity, self esteem, high school life, perspective, point of view, cheerleading, football

Themes: Purity, Self Esteem

Shake It (Cheer Drama): Randal Raines is trapped between two cultures and awkward in both. Sensitive and shy, Randal craves to belong. She is embarrassed by her white mother and uncomfortable in her own skin. Trying to hard to fit in, she goes off the deep end and risks losing it all. Will Randal learn what it means to be "more than one?"

Got Pride (Baller Swag): Coach hopes that ER Stone's kicking ability will be just what the Lions need for a championship year. The season may rest on ER's shoulders. But ER's eligibility is in question, and the other ballers are not too thrilled to have a white boy on their star team. Everyone is tense with so much on the line, which leaves ER wondering if this environment is the right fit.

ISBN-13: 9781616518882

Format: Paperback

Grade Level: 9 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 3.5

Lexile Level: HL620L

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