The Teen Emergent Reader Libraries have been developed to solve the issue of motivating the most struggling teen readers to pick up a book and start reading.

The lowest level libraries are written at the emergent and beginning reader levels. They are offered in both a Phonics and a Sight Words-based version. Whether your students are developing their decoding skills, struggling to begin to read or are a newcomer with no prior English language skills, there is a TERL solution for them.

For those readers who are reading just above the emergent levels and who need a bit more, there is the Teen Early Fluency Library. TEFL introduces readers to longer fiction and bridges the gap between emergent reading and early fluency.

The Tween Emergent Reader Libraries will be introduced in 2018 and will feature storylines that are suitable for a younger audience, yet maintain a maturity that will be age-respectful for kids that are not quite teenagers. 




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