Robinson's Hood Sample Set (1 ea of 3 Titles)

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Series Name: Robinson's Hood: Urban Middle School Series for Boys

Sample Set: 3 Books (1 each of 3 titles)
Titles Include: Robinson's Hood, The Bank of Badness, Chopped!

Book 1: Robinson's Hood - If Robin hadn't just paid off the Ninth Street Rangers, or if Tyrone and Dodo hadn't hit on him to do their schoolwork, he never would have done what he was about to do.

Book 2: The Bank of Badness - A tricked-out black Mustang with oversized rear tires pulled to a stop near Robin. He moved to the back door, unbidden. There was fear in his gut, but also fury. He hated the Rangers so much.

Book 3: Chopped! - At the new auto repair business, Robin noticed a Lamborghini. He thought there'd be other cool cars in the alley behind the shop, but there was nothing, not even a garage door. Cars were going in. None were coming out.

High school freshman Robinson "Robin" Paige lives with his grandmother, Miz Paige, on the meanest street in the city. Miz Paige is his rock. Sly and Kaykay have been his buddies since forever. Smart, stoic, and loyal, Robin's life has been defined by loss. And he doesn't want another tragedy, so he lives afraid to stand or speak out. But then he gets pushed to the edge. Somehow, someway, he will get back at the Ninth Street Rangers...

ISBN: 9781622500055

Format: Set/Bundle

Grade Level: 5 to 8

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 3.5

Lexile Level: 570L to 590L

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