Independence Day

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Series: Stripped

Theme: Hi-Lo, Young Adult Fiction, perspective, and point of view

Stripped Book 3:

Kaylee - Kaylee is hurt that Alana no longer sees her as her primary assistant. She is crushed when she's demoted to the Teen Tower faux casino. And she flips out over it because of a gambling problem she's trying to control. Then Alana demands that Kaylee dump Cory. After a powwow with Cory, they decide to lie to Alana. They've broken up, Kaylee tells her. Which is so not the truth. Alana and Ellison spy Cory and Kaylee on a secret date. Kaylee is fired on the spot. Cory quits. It's a friendship bloodbath. Kaylee finds a job with the hotel's fiercest rival on the Strip.

Alana - Alana's new relationship with Ellison continues to sizzle. He's about the only thing going right in her life. Kaylee and Cory are out in the open about their relationship. Alana won't stand for it. She cannot have Kaylee dating her ex-bf. She demands they break up. Roxanne and Steve have announced that Alana is going to be a big sister. Alana is ambivalent. She also decides that Zoey has more value than Kaylee as her assistant at Teen Tower, so she demotes Kaylee, who freaks out. Steve Skye doesn't care about the staff changes as long as it doesn't hurt the hotel.

Teen flip-book series featuring two different stories. Want a different point of view? Simply flip the book! Las Vegas is the city of lady luck. And teen heiress Alana Skye is living the life, thanks to her billionaire dad. But money comes with strings attached. Failure is not an option. Kaylee Ryan was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. But she has nerve and imagination. Just what this new Vegas transplant needs to make it big.

ISBN-13: 9781622507702

Format: Paperback

Grade Level: Teen and YA

Reading Level: 4.0

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