Astonishing Headlines Sample Set

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Series Name: Astonishing Headlines: Hi-Lo Nonfiction

Set includes: 10 Books (1 each of 10 titles)
Titles include: Attacked, Captured, Condemned, Kidnapped, Lost and Found, Missing, Shot Down, Stowed Away, Stranded at Sea, and Trapped.

Discover the astonishing true stories that will make students laugh, cry, and gasp behind the headlines! This nonfiction series was created with striving readers in mind. The high-interest text grabbed from headline news stories contains shocking twists and turns. Each nonfiction title contains six to eight in-the-news stories, black and white photographs, fact boxes and tables, glossary, timelines, maps, and index. Sample Story Topics: Attacked: The Boston Massacre; Attack on Pearl Harbor; Four Dead at Kent State; The Siege of Sarajevo; Attack on the Pentagon; The Threat of Cyber Attacks; The Mumbai Attacks; The Fort Hood Shooting Captured: Fugitive Slave Recaptured!; Eichmann Captured!; Prisoners in Alcatraz: Captured or Escaped?; Washington, DC, Snipers Captured!; Saddam Hussein Captured!; Osama bin Laden; Muammar al-Qaddafi; James "Whitey" Bulger Condemned: Accused of Witchcraft; Saving Grand Central; Yellowstone Wolf Gunned Down; Redwood Slated to Get the Ax; DNA Frees Snaggletooth Murderer; The Innocence Project; Endangered Species of the Gulf; DogTown Kidnapped: Charles Lindbergh Jr., Kidnapped; Abducted by Aliens!; Students Storm US Embassy; Terry Anderson Held Hostage; Elizabeth Smart Taken at Night; Jaycee Dugard; Ben Own by and Shawn Hornbeck Lost and Found: Pompeii Lost and Found City; Amelia Earhart: A Modern Mystery; Twins Reunite; Tuffy Finds His Way Home; The HMS Beagle is Found; Sunken Treasure Returned to Spain; Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer Missing: The FBI's Ten Most Wanted; The Bermuda Triangle; Mission to Mars; Missing Treasure Found; The Ivory-billed Woodpecker; Monet's Torrent de la Creuse; Missing Planets Shot Down: Ace Pilot Shot Down; Spy Plane Shot Down; Flight 007 Shot Down; Shot Down Over Iraq; Should We Shoot Down Passenger Planes?; Navy SEAL Team 6; Drones Stowed Away: Balboa Stows Away in a Barrel; Tubman Stows Away Slaves for Freedom; Brown Tree Snakes Take Over Guam; H1N1 Global Pandemic; The Case of the Huanglongbing; Hawaii's Endangered Honeycreepers, and more Stranded at Sea: Mutiny on the High Seas; The Wreck of the Essex; The Lusitania Caught Off Guard; SS St. Louis Turned Away; Boat People Stranded at Sea; Abby Sunderland; Somali Pirates; Amanda Thorns Trapped: The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire; The Molasses Tank Rupture; Trapped Behind the Iron Curtain; The Kursk Disaster; The Quecreek

ISBN-13: 9781616519384

Format: Set/Bundle

Grade Level: 5 to 12, Teen and YA

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 4.0 to 5.0

Lexile Level: 510L to 840L

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