TERL Phonics: Decode [1] Boxed Set (3 each of 24 titles + TG)

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Series Name: TERL Phonics: A New Level of Accessible Text for Teens Developing Their Decoding Skills

Theme: Hi-Lo, emergent, teen content, full-color, teacher support

TERL Phonics has been developed specifically for emerging teen readers who are developing their decoding skills. Written at emergent and beginning reader levels, the books have been carefully controlled to showcase phonics skills, beginning with CVC words and progressing through long vowels, -controlled vowels, digraphs, and multisyllabic words. Accompanied by dynamic full-color photos, the engaging storylines are teen-centric and represent a wide variety of genres.

Each level features eight 16-page books, six fiction and two nonfiction. Each book also includes a Word List, containing used sight words and organized by phonics skills. Vocabulary-building words are also highlighted in the text. A Teacher's Guide supports each book with a lesson plan, vocabulary-building activities, guided reading questions, reproducible activities focusing phonics skills and comprehension, plus a quiz.

These newest books in the Teen Emergent Reader Libraries are the perfect supplement to any phonics-based program and help teachers of older students reinforce decoding skills while nurturing the love of reading.

Key Product Features:

  • Progress Monitoring in the Form of Summative Assessments for Every Book
  • Three Levels That Move Progressively through Phonics Skills
  • Mature, Engaging Content Matched with Stunning Full-Color Photos
  • Extensive Teaching Support for Every Book
  • Fiction and Nonfiction Books at Each Level

Builds All Five Critical Reading Components:

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency


ISBN-13: 9781680211610

Format: Set/Bundle

Grade Level: Teen and YA

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 0 to 0.9

Lexile Level: BR to HL70L


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