Lines & the Coordinate Plane (Digital Download)

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Series Name: Easy-to-Use Interactive Whiteboard Lessons: MathSkills

Theme: Hi-Lo, IWB, Interactive Whiteboard lessons, Smartboard lessons, Algebra

14 Lessons Include: Plotting Points on a Coordinate Plane, Finding Solutions of Linear Equations, Graphing a Linear Equation, Graphing Linear Inequalities, Direct Variant, Inverse Variation, Slope of a Line, Slope-Intercept Form, Point Slope Form I, Point Slope Form II, Writing an Equation from a Table, Parallel Lines, Using Reciprocals, Perpendicular Lines.

ISBN-13: 9781612472171

Format: Digital Download .notebook File

Grade Level: 6 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 8.0

System Requirements: SMART Notebook Software

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Lines & the Coordinate Plane (Digital Download) | Hi-Lo Booksª | Educational Books

Lines & the Coordinate Plane (Digital Download)

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