Fractions & Mixed Numbers (Digital Download)

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Series Name: Easy-to-Use Interactive Whiteboard Lessons: MathSkills

Theme: Hi-Lo, IWB, Interactive Whiteboard lessons, Smartboard lessons, Pre-Algebra

1 Disc which includes 9 lessons

Lessons Include: Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions I, Fractions in Lowest Terms, Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions II, Equivalent Fractions I, Finding a Least Common Denominator, Equivalent Fractions II, Comparing Fractions, Fractions and Decimals I: Converting a Fraction to a Decimal, Fractions and Decimals II: Converting a Decimal to a Fraction.


Format:Digital Download of .Notebook Software

Grade Level: 6 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 8.0

Please note that Downloadable Goods are all non-returnable and the sale will be final.

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