Apartment 4A Sample Set

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Series Name: Apartment 4A: Low-Level Urban Ghost Stories

Theme: Hi-Lo, Supernatural, Urban Teen Fiction, Paranormal

Sample Set: 3 Books (1 each of 3 titles)
Titles Include: Apartment 4A, Out of Control, Dead Help

Book1: Apartment 4A - "Who are you?" Bree asked the woman. "Tell me your name." The woman looked at the living room window. It was open. She ran toward it ... and jumped.

Book2: Out of Control - Bree knew her boss was dealing drugs. But she needed the job. Her brother only came home to steal. And her aunt was ill. "Just one last job," Bree thought.

Book3: Dead Help - Bree turned the knob of apartment 4A. The door was unlocked. They walked in. It was empty. Andre looked around. "This is where we used to live."

Bree was in big trouble. She was barely getting by. Her older brother drank too much. Her boss was a crook. And her aunt was slowly losing it. Then there was the empty apartment next door.

Incorporating appealing graphic elements on every spread, this three-book series will appeal to all readers, but especially visual learners. Each book is approximately two thousand five hundred words. And the mature story arc will appeal to emergent teen readers tired of juvenile fiction.

ISBN-13: 9781622507764

Format: Set/Bundle

Grade Level: 9 to 12

Approximate Grade-Level Equivalent for Series: 2.0

Lexile Level: 240L to 260L

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